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How is the jaw crusher transported?


How is the jaw crusher transported?

How is the jaw crusher transported? Jaw crushers are bulky pieces of machinery that often need unique transportation techniques to transfer from one place to another. Depending on the size of the jaw crusher, the required transportation distance, and the site’s accessibility, the precise mode of transportation could change. These are a few typical ways to move jaw crushers:

  • 1. Flatbed trucks: Transport of small to medium-sized jaw crushers is possible with flatbed trucks. The truck’s bed has the crusher attached safely, allowing it to be driven to the desired location.
  • 2. Lowboy trailers: Lowboy trailers, which have a lower deck height for moving heavy equipment, may be necessary for larger jaw crushers. The trailer is towed with the crusher loaded upon it and fastened in place.
  • 3. Shipping containers: Certain jaw crushers can be taken apart and transported in shipping containers. When the crusher needs to be transported over large distances or internationally, this method is frequently used.
  • 4. Crane: A crane may be used to lift and move the crusher over barriers or to a location with restricted access. The crane raises the crusher, which is then transferred to the desired spot.

It is crucial to confirm that the chosen method of transportation is secure and suitable for the specific jaw crusher being moved. This can need for the usage of special permissions, specialized machinery, and trained operators.

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